Hi-Tech Group is a Qatari company formed in 1996 to deliver turn-key solutions in the field of Information & Communication Technologies in the Gulf market. Hi-Tech Group has the extensive experience necessary to provide complete solutions to clients, which enables them to focus on their core business.

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Hitech Group is a Qatari Company was formed in 1996 to deliver core technologies in the field of Turnkey Solutions and Information Technologies in the Gulf Market. Hitech Group has extensive experience necessary to provide complete solution to the clients, which enables them to focus on their business and compete with others. Hitech Group provides turnkey solution by working in partnership with management and individual users.

Our Objectives

  • To provide the best services strictly adhering to the delivery time, reliability, efficiency, and speed.

  • To give the clients the best competitive cost effective in accordance to the market.

  • To help clients to improve the Business operation.

  • To help clients to simplify workflow to create work efficiency.

  • To help clients maximize profit, and minimize expenses.

  • To utilize the latest technology for the best of the clients.

  • To increase the awareness of technology and improve the society’s consciousness.

Why Hitech Group?

  • Business Modeling for a variety of Business Lines.

  • Requirement Assessment and Analysis via the Business Needs in the pre-RFP state.

  • Solution Evaluation and Quality Assurance for different solution platform.

  • Competitive Analysis for Third Party products for best fit to customer need.

  • Jointly plan the project with the customer taking all requirements of the business in mind.

  • Draw the vision with expandability in mind.

  • We partner with our customers.

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